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New publication, 'Social process in grizzly bear management' from Lauren Richie and Daniel Oppenheimer, former NRCC interns! (The official Springer publication version can be found HERE)

Research associate Michael Gibeau published a commentary titled Of Bears, Chess and Checkers: Moving Away from Pure Science to Solve Problems in The Wildlife Professional.

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Ongoing: wolverine conservation blog words by NRCC project manager Rebecca Watters

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4.14: NRCC work profiled in recent Park Service more here!

1.14: Wolverine film, featuring NRCC researchers, playing Saturday Jan. 11th in Jackson. Click here for times & tickets!

12.13: Latest issue of NRCC News now available! Click here to learn about current projects.

10.13: Award winning presentation by Research Associate Rebecca Watters Click here to view

Summer 2013: NRCC welcomed 6 visiting researchers and professionals. Learn more

12.12: People and Carnivores update from Steve Primm

Greater Yellowstone Amphibian Monitoring Study update from Deb Patla

2012 wolverine update from Jason Wilmot

9.12: New publication, 'Social process in grizzly bear management' from Lauren Richie and Daniel Oppenheimer, former NRCC interns! (The official Springer publication version can be found HERE)

5.12: On May 22, skiers in the Wind River Range identified and photographed a wolverine!

A new paper from former 2010 NRCC interns Daniel Oppenheimer and Lauren Richie, Collaborative Grizzly Bear Management in Banff National Park

Research associate Michael Gibeau published a commentary titled 'Of Bears, Chess and Checkers: Moving Away from Pure Science to Solve Problems' in The Wildlife Professional.

2.12: NRCC added three new research associates! A huge welcome to Ben Chemel, Arthur Middleton and Taza Schaming.


e-newsletter: December 2011 E-Newsletter

Purchasethe 2011 WY Conservation Print & Stamp from NRCC. All proceeds go to wolverine research!






publication: Now online - the classic 1989 NRCC publication Rare, Sensitive, and Threatened Species of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.


publication: Check out research associate Seth Wilson's article in the May 2011 International Bear News newsletter.


publication: Wolverine Conservation in Yellowstone National Park: Final Report is now available!


NRCC welcomes Clay Nielsen as a research associate! Learn more about his work on tiger-human conflict in India.


Stay tuned to the wolverine world by subscribing to the wolverine conservation blog.


publication: Large Scale Conservation, published by Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, features papers by several NRCC affiliates including Susan Clark, David Cherney, Tanya Rosen, and Richard Wallace.


Research associate David Cherney received the 2010 Morris K. Udall Dissertation Fellowship!

New projects for Summer 2010: Amphibian Monitoring in the Greater Yellowstone and the Mongolian Wildlife and Climate Change Project.


NRCC welcomes summer 2010 interns Daniel Oppenheimer & Lauren Richie. Learn more about their project.

Check out this video on The Wolverine Way, new book by National Geographic writer Doug Chadwick. Doug read excerpts from the book at Wolverine Night on April 29.


Download our wolverine track ID card before your next venture into the high backcountry. Contact us for a heavy-duty laminated pocket version: or 307-733-6856.


e-newsletter: Spring 2011 E-Newsletter: Gearing Up for Summer Field Work


e-newsletter: Fall 2010 E-Newsletter: Focus & Expansion


Research associate Seth Wilson quoted in the Missoulian in regards to wolf and grizzly litigation.


e-newsletter: Winter 2010 E-News - Gearing Up for Growth


press release: NRCC helps catalyze community-based conservation effort in the Swan Valley, Montana (2.22.10)

Seth Wilson, NRCC research associate, is quoted in the March 2010 issue of National Geographic in a feature article on wolves in the West.


Research associate Tanya Rosen was recently appointed Vice-Chair of the Transboundary Specialist Group of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas as well as Managing Editor of the International Bear News - the Newsletter of the IBA/IUCN Bear Specialist Group.

Information on summer 2010 internships is now available. For overviews of intern projects conducted in the past five years, click here.

We are launching our new website. Feedback welcome to lydia (at)

Project Manager Rebecca Watters will be returning to Mongolia this summer to conduct preliminary field research on wolverine, following up on her work there last summer. She is partially funded by Pursue Balance. Read more in her blog.


NRCC welcomed Richard Wallace to our board of directors and Doug Clark to our team of research associates.


press release: $100,000 matching donation challenge achieved (11.15.09)

Last August, research associates Tanya Rosen and Steve Primm organized a workshop at the Sun West Ranch on coexisting with carnivore in the Madison Valley, Montana. Jason Wilmot, NRCC executive director, also attended. Read more about this workshop on p. 23 of the November, 2009 issue of International Bear News.


NRCC moved into our new office at 185 Center Street, above High Country Flies, one block off of the town square in downtown Jackson!