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Daniel Oppenheimer & Lauren Richie

Michael Dellabuono

Sample Intern Positions

Conserving Greater Yellowstone - A Teachers' Guide: Revision & Update (.pdf description)

Harvesting Lessons on Bear Coexistence (.pdf description)


InternshipsNRCC’s long established intern program focuses on helping motivated graduate students and highly qualified undergraduates expand their analytical and research skills necessary for effective careers as natural resource professionals. The intern program focuses on matching projects with an individual’s personal interests, giving latitude to design and carry out the project while also providing support in the form of office space, contacts, equipment and supplies, and general guidance and feedback.

The summer is structured so that the intern walks away with a product or result with which he or she is satisfied and also serves to meet NRCC’s goals of creating partnerships, practical solutions, and/or community benefit. Examples of a tangible result might be a publishable paper, community discussion which the intern facilitates, an on-the-ground implementable solution to an identified problem, etc.

Depending on the intern’s interests, we may be able to pair someone with one of our local research associates, who are working on various projects ranging from ecological field research, to policy analysis, to a combination of the two.

For more information on recent intern projects, click here.

How to Apply

Email your resume & cover letter to nrcc (at) If you already have a project in mind, please provide a one-page overview of your project and how it fits with NRCC’s goals and objectives. If you don’t have a project in mind, please include a 1/2-1 page overview of your interests, or simply specify your interest in one of our intern projects detailed above. Very limited financial support may be available for qualified applicants, but we encourage interns to bring funding from outside sources.